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Deconstruction News From British Columbia:


2-18-12: Vancouver, the North American conference on building deconstruction is coming to Seattle, WA in 2013!!!!  Contact us to find out more.

2-11-12: A green-building/deconstruction story from Whidbey Island in Washington State: http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/community/139123839.html 

1-16-12: Deconstruction training in Canada: Groups are to be trained in Manitoba and Ontario in 2012.  Don't fall behind BC!


12-6-11: RE-USE Consulting was featured in an article about deconstruction in the national magazine Qualified Remodeler: click here

11-6-11: RE-USE Consulting created this blog entry for the website www.forresidentialpros.com (click here)

6-11-11 Deconstruction training story from down the street in Seattle, WA
click here

4-11-11 Vancouver building collapse (hey, it wasn't us ok?)
click here

3-11-11 City of Vancouver's page mentioning deconstruction click here

1-11-11 Barry's in the Tyee!  Decon story fom the Point Grey area
click here


12-18-10: RE-USE is working for Lighthouse to train a local renovation contractor on building deconstruction and building material reuse prior to the start of the Metro Van renovation pilot project that is about to begin!

12-12-10: RE-USE Consulting is coming to speak in BC on decon again..stay tuned...

12-4-10: Deconstruction story on MSNBC and NBC:
Story about RE-USE Consulting click here

12-1-10: If you are in the building deconstruction or building material salvage field in B.C., please let us know so we may consider listing you on this site.

11-11-10: New study clearly shows the environmental benefits of building deconstruction and building material reuse.  Click HERE to find out more!

10-11-10: Building needed for a deconstruction pilot project.  If you know of a building that needs to be removed or have one yourself, please contact us so we can pass the news onto the groups that are trying to conduct a pilot on deconstruction and job training in the Lower Mainland of B.C.

Welcome!  We launched www.building-deconstruction.net in October 2010 with the hopes of supporting efforts to build the building materials reuse industry in British Columbia and across Canada.

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