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BREAKING NEWS: The North American conference on building deconstruction is coming to Seattle, WA in 2013.  Contact us to find out more as all eyes will be on the tri-cities (in this case meaning Vancouver, BC-Seattle, WA-Portland, OR)

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The City of Vancouver is striving to become the greenest city in the world by 2020.  Eliminating the waste of building demolition and implementing the positive impacts of building deconstruction would:

1. divert up to 95% of materials from demolition and renovation sites
2. provide significantly more materials to the area's recycling facilities and increase biofuel production rates
3. create hundreds of green-collar jobs including many new jobs in areas where unemployment is high

RE-USE Consulting hopes that this website will help encourage this conversion of the demolition industry and help grow both the demand of reusable building materials and the supply of those products in the lower mainland.   

RE-USE Consulting-Building up an industry that takes down buildings..

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